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Sunday, January 16, 2005

2004: I'll be your wingman anytime

7 -- Kinsey/Before Sunset

Some thoughts: Let's be honest -- when I made this list, I forgot Before Sunset. So I put it with Kinsey. So let's look a little deeper at the question both movies ask: What is love? (Baby don't hurt me, no more.) Kinsey says love can exist between any variation of men and women (sometimes more than two!). Before Sunset says love can exist given the proper lighting (the magic hour), plenty of long takes and typically over coffee in Paris. Kinsey feels urgent, given the recent American movement to only sanctify some types of love. Before Sunset feels timeless, thanks to two attractive and cosmopolitan people who aren't as young as they used to be but still glow with energy. 2004 was lucky to have both movies and both types of love.

What we said then: K: perfectly cast ... other than the odd montage of people talking on the US map, there's hardly a bad moment in the movie ... Neeson and Sarsgaard are perfect, Linney not far from it ... well structured around Kinsey's own interview answers ... does a good job touching on the inherent paradoxes of sexual freedom [9/10]; BS: another superb romance ... perfect in tone, long tracking shots; how about Oscar nods for Hawke/Delpy/Linklater? ... perfect ending [9/10]

Nagging questions: K: How much of it was true? BS: See you in nine years?

They said it better: K: Ella Taylor, Stephanie Zacharek; BS: J. Hoberman, Armond White
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