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Friday, January 21, 2005

2004: It must have been good, but I lost it somehow

3 -- Control Room

Some thoughts: Great title, and Lt. Josh Rushing might be the most interesting and "dynamic" character in the movies this year. A must-see for journalists and people who take global conflict seriously.

What we said then: A perfect doc ... capable of surprise ... no one is the "bad guy" (maybe Rumsfeld, I guess), but U.S. reps are given a fair chance, while Al-Jazeera reporters sometimes come off as almost overzealous ... mostly, though, a profound look at the horror of war, told from an unusual perspective ... Lt. Josh Rushing comes across best, capable of defending the American cause without advancing propaganda, engaging reporters without pressuring them to agree with him ... scene where he discusses his reaction (or lack of) to the grisly scenes of Arab deaths compared to the grisly scenes of American deaths is touching, profound and as true as anything a film can capture [10/10]

Nagging question: Why isn't this on Oscar's documentary shortlist?

They said it better: Jonathan Curiel, Ed Blank, (**)
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What a pretentious title!