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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2004: It's so good to be here at Lambert Field

5 -- La Mala educacion [Bad Education]

Some thoughts: It's no Talk to Her, but Pedro Almodovar's latest is a noir in turns fun and dark. It also has the best montage set to "Moon River" of the 21st century. Oh, and Gael Garcia Bernal is still hot, kids.

What we said then: a gay, dragged-out film noir exercise in meta-film! raves this critic ... breezy pacing, but still holds serious emotional and thematic weight ... ties sex's role into the power politics of filmmaking as well as the expressive power of film ... great homage to Double Indemnity in scene discussing murder (GGC in shades) in museum with giant heads, instead of grocery store ... "I don't believe in God -- I'm a hedonist" [9/10]

Nagging question: Will I remember anything about this movie in five years?

They said it better: Stephen Holden, Michael Atkinson
dynamarx - 9:20 AM

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