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Saturday, January 22, 2005

2004: These pretzels are making me thirsty

2 -- Sideways

Some thoughts: One of this year's several movies about understanding an old love before moving on to a new one, Sideways delivers on the hype (even if some call it overrated). So much hype, in fact, that you hardly need this blog to talk more about one of the best movies of the year. So let's move on.

What we said then: The best acted movie of the year ... Giamatti is great, Haden Church has a hard job (making his jerk character likeable), Oh and Madsen transcend the "girl" roles ... gritty, dull mise-en-scene matches the story, character ... Giamatti's two best scenes -- stealing the money from his mom, and trying to smile and be nice when ex-wife says she's pregnant ... Haden Church's meow, his "what the fuck is wrong with you" (twice!) and his golf club antics are hilarious ... a poignant and unhurried movie, unforced melancholy ... similar to but better than Schmidt because it never takes easy shots at its characters ... drinking the '61 wine at fast food joint ... other than a strange aside into the fat girl's home to retrieve the wedding rings (which still wasn't bad), a seemingly flawless film ... PG describing why he loves pinot (a grape that needs nurturing) ... PG and THC are two sides of the same male mind [10/10]

Nagging question: Is there a way Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti can split the Oscar?

They said it better: Richard Corliss, Charles Taylor, bonus: J. Hoberman
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