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Thursday, January 13, 2005

2004: This Dollar Bill is Trying to Tell Me Something

Here are the ten best movies I saw in 2004. (Granted, I can't really explain how I define 2004 as several of these movies aren't on Oscar's eligibility list, some debuted overseas before 2004, and some I saw in 2005!) "What we said then" (note royal "we") refers to my original notes in my movie journal, which of course outs me as a total geek. "Nagging question" is, I hope, self-explanatory. "They said it better" will link to one positive review and one negative review of the movie; think of it as a really slow, movie based version of Crossfire (r.i.p.). And, oh yeah, we're doing this one day at a time. Here goes:

10 -- The Brown Bunny

Some thoughts: Let's not talk about sex. This movie perfectly captures the heartache of the passage of time, of loss, the twin desires to forget and recreate the past. Think of Gallo (does his character even need a name?) motorcycling into the sunset. This is a man in need of oblivion, and damned if his movie isn't a fine tribute to it. Few movies capture melancholy this well.

What we said then: A very good film ... Jarmuschian in its minimalism at times, occasionally indulgent (Tiegs), but the end justifies the means ... Gallo's narcissism is strangely compelling; Violet-Lilly-Rose-Daisy ... beautiful shots of Kansas (?), Colorado, Utah (Bonneville Salt Flats) ... captures the loneliness of a cross-country trip -- a road movie of one ... Warholian? [8/10]

Nagging question: Is this Vincent Gallo's "Say No to Drugs" PSA?

They said it better: Ebert (***); Edelstein
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