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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

2004: You go to war with the movies you have

6 -- Dogville

Some thoughts: Other than the closing credits (and the director's statements at the time), this movie is NOT a critique of America. If anything, it's something of a Lars von Trier self-criticism. Wrapped inside an enigmatic stage with no set or props. Baby shooting never seemed so necessary. (For a great dessert, we recommend The Five Obstructions, where Lars von Trier challenges his hero to remake his movie five times under different circumstances.)

What we said then: brilliant lighting ... terrific acting (Bettany/Kidman/Clarkson/Davies) ... they shoot a baby! ... ethics of "inflicting" morality ... photomontage over closing credits [10/10]

Nagging question: Did they really kill a cow for the sequel?

They said it better: J. Hoberman, David Edelstein
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